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Sid Rulz Sep. 24th, 2005 @ 10:00 pm
After some early hiccups here is my own blogsite Sid Rulz .
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I guess this would be my penultimate journal on LJ Sep. 11th, 2005 @ 06:57 pm

I am about to configure my own blog site using wordpress.

If you want me to add your blog link in my website just reply this.I will be glad to add yours.

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My Room Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 07:39 pm

September will be the last month I will be staying in my current room.

The Reasons why I would miss this room

1) I am not a superstitious guy but 7.7 proved to be somewhat lucky.

2) I never spent a night anywhere else since I reached hamburg on sep 13th 2004.

3) Tuesday Nights are english movie nights in our hostel. The best movie night was watching all 3 parts of LOTR including the extended version dvd on the same night.

4) There was party almost every friday nights before the house master stopped us from partying from june this year.

My next apartment is bigger , better but less fun.


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Return of the King Aug. 9th, 2005 @ 08:14 pm

Just as Aragorn in ROTK and Rama of Ramayana

Yours Truly will be home for Deepavali.

P.S all I need is Arwen or Sita


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Movies Update Jul. 23rd, 2005 @ 07:52 pm

Eventhough I am not a big fan of Romantic Movies but after seeing the movie The Notebook I just had to say that it was the best movie that I have seen all year.The Notebook  has displaced Love Actually as my favourite romantic movie.

Movies I want to watch asap

1) A History of Violence

2) Fun with Dick and Jane

3) The Transporter 2

4) Saw 2

5) Kill Shot

Hope The above Move Releases Soon

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Other entries
» Welcome to my House

Here is the link to the virtual tour of the place where I live


Created using Quicktime VR and Photoshop


» Six Months in Review

Let me review my first six months of 2005

1) January - 2005

It all started good with my first job.My examinations officially began in January.Everything seems to be going good then February happened.

How do I rate January - 8

2) February - 2005

My first ever lonely valentines day that I can remember.My examinations also didnt go that well.

How do I rate february - 5

3) March - 2005

I just had two exams in march 2005 the rest of the time I was working so I dont think there was much to celebrate in march.Officially Graduated (Got my degree certificate for my bachelors which I completed in last june , even though its 4000 miles away from me).

How do I rate march - 6

4) April - 2005

My new semester started on April 4th.I wanted myself to prepare better for this semester , only god knows how well I will do this semester.

How do I rate april - 6

5) May - 2005

It was a quite birthday, didnt recieve any gifts , didnt party but recieved lots of email and phone calls though.Everything seemed to go well during the first week then after two weeks.It went all wrong waited for may to end.

How do I rate may - 7

6) June - 2005

June also started of very well.Did enjoy the champions league final in front of a full house in our bar.Summer began on june 21st and I had fever from the next day and it took me a week for it to heel.I feel much better now.I just hope june doesnt end unfortunately today is the last day :(

How do I rate june - 9

The first 6 months definitely had its ups and many downs.I just hope the next 6 months goes somewhat better.

My plans for the next 6 months

1) Hope to do the exams better this time around

2) I need to find a new apartment from oct 1st coz my contract expires on sep 30th.

3) Hope to find an internship.(Part of my curriculum)

4) Hope to find a student project.(Part of my curriculum)

5) Hope to go on a vacation to india for one month

6) I need to improve my german.

7) I have 3 exams , 2 seminars and a project to be completed, within the next 14 days.

8) Hoping for a miracle.

I have so much things to do just wish me luck.

If anyone is reading this please tell me whats your favourite month so far this year.

» My Greatest Movie Twists *Warning Spoiler Alert*

Here are some of the few movies that I have seen which had a great twist (not in any particular order)

1) Psycho : It was the first psychological thriller that I watched and I couldnt guess the ending.

2) Donnie Darko : What would you do if you could see the future?

3) Vanilla Sky : The movie was boring but the ending was kind of twisted.

4) American Beauty : It had one of the sadest endings.

5) A Beautiful Mind : Kind of a wierd but wonderful movie.

6) Fight Club : *Spoiler* One of my favourite movie endings , it was when edward norton kills brad pitt.

7) Matrix Revolutions : *Spoiler* Really couldnt belive that neo died.

8) The Sixth Sense : *Spoiler* I knew that bruce willis was dead halfway throught the movie.It was one of my favourite twists.

9) Saw : Its kind of a sick and a gore movie but the ending was a real twist.

10) Jacobs Ladder : *Spoiler* I knew that Jacob was dead.

11) The Jacket : Similar to donnie darko but a better ending.

12) Memento : It took me a long time to understand this one but this was a great movie.

If you had seen those movies then you must know , they have one thing in common "They explore the subconscious mind".

Anyother movies like this???????

» For the first time in 2005 .....
I had an hair cut today.I wanted to grow more hair but I guess my sleepless nights during last week took the decision for me to cut my hair. The last time I cut my hair was on december 20nd 2004(I had an interview the next day so I had no other option).
» Football anyone?

I was the best football player in my school.I didn't play that much football during my college days but I was still good.After two years I played football today but unfortunately I did play against the germans.They play only with their heads and I couldn't even play with my foot properly.I could play only for the first 30 minutes.My entire body is aching now.

The bottom line is never play football with europeans unless you eat , sleep and drink football.

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